Monday, January 7, 2013

A new girlfriend for Ben

I've never talked about him here on my blog but Ben is my 3 year old mini-lop that I love to pieces. He has been the subject of some of my drawings/paintings a few times!

Well, I've been thinking about getting him a partner for sometime now and I finally followed through with it after visiting the Rabbit House Society's local shelter. We tried a few different buns but he seemed to favor this gal the most - so that's who we went home with! Her name is Esther and she's a 3 year old English Spot with a really sad back story (she had a litter at only 4 months old and her previous owners tried to drown them all to get rid of them). She's pretty much lived at the shelter all of her life - so I'm really excited to give her a good home. Here's them posing for their first picture.

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